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All Kebabs are served on Pitta Bread with your choice of Salad & Sauce. Choose from Regular or large unless stated otherwise.

Doner Kebab

From: £6.80

Chicken Doner Kebab

From: £6.80

Mixed Doner Kebab

Combination of Doner Kebab & Chicken Doner. One size only.

Lamb Shish Kebab

Marinated Lamb Fillet cooked on a chargrill.
From: £7.50

Chicken Shish Kebab

Marinated Chicken Fillet cooked on a chargrill.
From: £7.50

Mixed Shish Kebab

Combination of Chicken & Lamb Shish. One size only.

Valentino's Special

Combination of Doner & Mixed Shish served with Salad on Pitta. One size only.

Doner Meat & Chips

Served in a tray.

Chicken Doner & Chips

Served in a tray.

Mixed Doner Meat & Chips

Combination of Chicken Doner & Lamb Doner served in a tray.